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"klimt series", spring 2017, wool voile/satin silk scarf

100% wool voile and satin silk scarf, made in England.

The idea of "new art" in the gallery that sold selection of fabrics and wallpaper "objets d'art" was originated by German-born art dealer Siegfried Bing who named the gallery "Maison l'Art Nouveau". It was the rise of print and graphic during the 1880 that art could be reproduced to enrich the lives of a broader public, as defined by philosophical father of Art Nouveau William Morris: "To gives people pleasure in the things they must perforce use".

Gustav Klimt was one of the leaders of Art Nouveau who emphasized the atmosphere of erotic love and sexuality. Seeing himself as a messenger of truth, Klimt portrayed confusion and darkness, knotting together naked bodies and juxtaposing pregnant stomachs with veiled skeletons.

This Klimt series revisit his mastery in the use of gold, black and red, the long forgotten aesthetic of excessive indulgence in the midst of the mundane world we live in.